Springdale High School
Kalyani, Nadia
Dear Guardians/Parents,

Wishing you a very Happy New Year on behalf of Springdale High School (H.S.). We greatly appreciate your help and support in this pandemic situation. The school has also been by your side all the time keeping in mind the interest of the students.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that:-
** The school has not increased its fees for the last four years.
** The school is being sanitised on a regular basis and no extra charges have been imposed on you.
** The school is always kept in an ever ready condition and classes may be resumed even in a days notice.
** Right from the start of this crisis (even before the Government announcement) the Computer fees had been waived and the Laboratory fees had been reduced.
** A large number of students have been supported during ' Covid-19' pandemic.
** Unlike many other schools Springdale has not charged any Covid fees.
** The school plans to continue with the Assessment Tests of Classes X, XI & XII.
**After December 2020 the school will not take any fees from Class X.
** After March 2021 the school will not take any fees from Class XII.
** Parents who have no financial difficulties are requested to pay the full fees.
**Springdale's fees are the lowest in Kalyani in comparison to other established institution in Kalyani but it surely offers the best facilities possible.
** Instead of Rs.1500/2100/2500 the miscellaneous fee has been reduced to Rs.500/1100/1500 in the year 2021. (Rs.1000 has been waived for Session 2021 only)

      We sincerely hope our efforts are appreciated by you.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,

     Mrs. Ilina Sen
Secretary, Springdale Welfare and Education Society, Kalyani.